From functional partition element between different environments, doors are – for Elledue – a real piece of furniture. A door can give personality to a certain space, can marry perfectly with the style chosen for your home or for your office: it is a fundamental architectural tool to characterize a room. The door is the main character of interior design: for this reason, Elledue dedicates it a new catalogue, rich of proposals and details. Snapshots of a classic taste, unique and cutting edge. Hinged or pivoting doors, sliding or security doors, gates: each one is the result of a long experience of numerous projects, different in features and functions. Our doors are enriched with glasses, lights, inlays. Or they are simple, to enhance handles that look like jewels.

The doors signed by Elledue Arredamenti are made with the finest materials, and customizable in their finishes. From the size to the woody essence, until lacquering and designs, every detail is designed to meet the needs of the customer and the characteristics of the project. With classic or modern hinges, exposed or concealed, with magnetic locks and very wide choice of handles, they are able to match every taste and every need. Whether you choose a model in collection, or that we would switch to completely custom design.