At Elledue we are deeply passionate about uniqueness, a value that can be fully appreciated only when tangible.
Last year three new spaces were inaugurated within exclusive showrooms: Sem Collections in Istanbul (Turkey), Casa Milano in Yantai (China) and Casa Ricca in Yerevan (Armenia), thus strengthening our presence around the world. Within these dedicated spaces, Elledue brings its luxury-contemporary perspective and its avant garde classic style in order to pass on its passion for quality and fine details and to offer customers the opportunity to experience these values.

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Here are our latest openings:


Elledue at Casa Ricca, Yerevan, Armenia


Elledue at Casa Milano Furnishing, Yantai, China


Elledue at Sem Collections, Istanbul, Turkey


Stay tuned for new plans and openings!


(Above: Elledue at Casa Milano, Yantai, China)