In the last months of 2017 Elledue has inaugurated new spaces within two prestigious and strategic showrooms: Sem Collections and Studio38.


In the heart of the multifaceted Istanbul, Sem Collections successfully represents the world leading brands of design since the date of establishment in 1995. Sem Collections now showcases two different luxury bathroom proposals from Elledue: a classic inspired sink cabinet and mirror from the timeless Fidia collection and a rich set from the eccentric Saraya collection. More pieces will be installed in the next months.


Elledue @ Seme Collections



Located a few steps from the charming Red Square, Studio 38 is a multi-brand showroom which has recently been re-opened after a change of ownership and a complete refurbishment. The space dedicated to Elledue includes different settings, showcasing a selection of pieces from the contemporary-classic Ulysse collection and a lavish Quattrocento kitchen.


Elledue @ Studio38


These new collaborations strengthen Elledue’s presence in Russia and Turkey, two interesting and prosperous markets which have proved to particularly appreciate the brand signature “avant-garde classic” style. (Pictures courtesy of Sem Collections and Studio38.)