The company launches three new collections focused on contemporary luxury.

Times are different, tastes are diverse and always more refined, needs are continuously changing, and homes have become personal and bespoke spaces showcasing their inhabitants’ personality. In this challenging and fast evolving context, Elledue has devised a new project: Interior Portraits. 

In the coming months the company will unveil three different collections: three new sets of furniture re-imagining the concept of contemporary luxury. Three lines conceived separately but designed to be mixed within the same environments and projects, to enhance their characteristics even more. 

In line with the companys iconic design approach, the new collections will be characterized by elegant lines, precious wood veneers and marbles, rich fabrics and refined details. Each of them is the result of constant research on materials and finishing solutions and a continuous study on the re-interpretation of classic design.

The thinking behind this new project is to present three different takes on contemporary luxury, while staying loyal to Elledues identity and to its core values: quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Stay tuned to discover more…