Interior Portraits by Elledue is our new series of inspirational books offering different interpretations of contemporary luxury while presenting three brand new furniture lines.

In the first inspirational book of the Interior Portraits series Elledue introduces the ETRA collection. 

Among the most interesting pieces of this new line is the Etra tall sideboard, featuring pointed brass feet, brass details and a wide frontal marble trim.

Customers can choose among 3 different wooden decorative panels for its doors: Deco, Baroque or Classical.

Etra tall sideboard: decorative panels options

Etra sideboard is also available in a classic low version, featuring the same elegant brass details, an elevated top and a more minimal design for its doors (whose decorative panels are also customizable).

Etra low sideboard

Etra sideboards are versatile pieces of furniture, perfect for a stylish lounge area, a luxury dining room or a striking entrance hall. 

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