This month we would like to take you on a virtual walk through of our corporate showroom, showing you some of our team’s favourite pieces.

Let yourself be inspired by their bold and vibrant hues.

On the left: Penelope Sectional Sofa

Massive yet graceful, with exquisite details, this sofa echoes references to rationalism and to the luxury of the American Deco. The marigold velvet upholstery, smooth and comfortable, adds a touch of glamour. 

On the right: Penelope Two-seater Sofa

Clean lines, great comfort. A perfect choice for smaller spaces, this sofa can get along with any tipe of upholstery fabric, plain or patterned. Looking stunning, here, in this beautiful bright blue velvet.

Above and on the left: Minerva Book Case

The stunning Minerva bookcase overlooks the space, crowded with upholstery pieces. In the meanwhile, Lavinia side doors act as a severe yet classy frame. Both pieces are customizable according to each customer’s needs.

On the right: a close up on our Penelope Sectional and Two-seater Sofas

Above: Penelope Walk-In Closet

And here is our Penelope Walk-in closet: the dreamy side of functionality. 
The brass satin details, paired with refined stopsol bronze glass panels, keep the structure light, while the elegant shiny grey lacquered shelves ensure maximum capacity. On the inside, precious oak and faux leather inserts bring in a graceful sense of understated elegance. 

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