Interior Portraits by Elledue is our new series of inspirational books offering different interpretations of contemporary luxury while presenting three brand new furniture lines.

Three furniture ensembles that represent an evolution of the Elledue style, in line with the identity of the company and its fundamental values: quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Conceived separately but designed to coexist within elegant yet impactful environments, alongside the most iconic pieces of the Elledue catalogue.

Each of them is the result of constant research on materials and finishing solutions and a continuous study on the re-interpretation of classic design.


In the first inspirational book of the Interior Portraits series, Elledue introduces the ETRA collection.

Clean but elegant lines. Selected wood veneers and special finishes combined with nubuck and fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. Precious marbles alternating with inlaid mirrors. Refined and unexpected details in which metals with contemporary shades meet marble and precious stones.

This is ETRA.

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