L-Kitchen Project is the perfect expression of Elledue style, translated into the most loved and the most experienced room of the house. Elledue kitchens are rich of details. Of precious materials and technology. Of tradition and elegance. They’re kitchens to be admired, and to be lived. Because they are, at the same time, lux and practicality. Each model with its unique and unmistakable style, united by quality and research of materials.

The internal structures, totally customizable and equipped with the best systems of locking and movements, are enriched with precious details: glass, leather, wood and metal allow to define a structure far from obvious. Not just a storage space to be hidden, but a rich and technological interior to be unveiled. Outside sophisticated doors, for colour and materiality; each model defines their decorative dictates, from hand-made lacquering to metal, up to the most precious essences enriched with totally hand-made inlays or carvings.

Quattrocento by Andrei Vega plays on the contrast between light and dark colours, enhanced by the use of brass, a precious material worked in a geometric way to give the space a unique character. The interior in essence and the variants available on the metal finishes make the project fully customizable. Because Quattrocento is designed to impress, and to meet every need.

Classic in décor and modern in lines is Saraya by Walid Fleihan. A blaze of white, of light, of flowers drawing the doors. Saraya is rich of personality, with its long fitted wall and the bar area in two parts, united by a shimmed marble top. The handles are decorative, sinuous. Design mannerism on minimal modules.

It’s instead pure theatricality 5th Avenue by Andrei Vega. Inspired by the New York of the Twenties, it has a deco soul and a technological heart. Its shapes are ergonomic and functional, its technology is a last generation one. In a fluid sequence of different modules, with independent surfaces and an extraordinary visual continuity. The contrast between lacquered parts and metals defines its decorative character.


Troviamo poi  Sophie,

We can then find Sophie, designed by Alex Charles. A kitchen that is past and present, with its frame doors and the white hand-glazed finishing. With its panelling carved with flowers and leaves, with the Carrara white marble defining the top and the walls. It’s romantic, Sophie. It’s refined and contemporary, thanks to its modern composition, enriched with handcrafted details that come from company tradition.


Because Elledue signs kitchens with a classical aim, and with an appearance that is totally present and avant-garde. They’re customizable kitchens, rich of personality. They’re designed to meet the thousand of needs required by our houses. They come from tradition, they make full use of traditional skills, and use technology to obtain a luxurious project, determined in forms, personal in details.