We believe that inclination to research and will to find new solutions in interior design should also aim at reaching pleasant aesthetic outcomes. With this in mind, we created our new Elledue walk-in closet: a balanced synthesis of comfort and refinement, in which skilled craftsmanship goes hand in hand with innovative design.

Penelope Walk-In Closet _ Elledue

The brass satin structure and the bronze stopsol glass panels enhance the lightness of the piece, while the elegant shiny grey lacquered shelves ensure maximum storage capacity. On the inside, precious oak and leather inserts bring in a graceful sense of understated elegance. A functional chest of drawers, exquisitely lacquered in a powder blue tone, allows a wide range of customizable storage options.

Finally, the precious fabric on the back gives a special twist to the piece, evoking a pleasant sense of wanderlust and conveying a dreamy atmosphere.

For further information: info@elleduearredamenti.com.


(Loungewear courtesy of Once Milano, wool accessories courtesy of Marta Vitali.)