Furniture with
distinct attitude. 

Be inspired.

Discover our proposals for the entire home. Elegant and luxurious spaces to be lived and shared. New home scenarios where furniture, decoration and upholstery are the main characters. Design solutions which portray different lifestyles and answer to new needs of modern living.



Elegant living spaces take the centre stage. Finely designed so that each individual piece can stand out in its uniqueness.


More than a dining room. Furniture that captivates and turns the domestic scene into a showcase of emotions.


Sleeping areas with contemporary proportions, whose linear forms are embellished and enhanced by sophisticated nuances. 


Exclusive spaces conceived in the name of lightness that stand out for their modern and essential design.


There is a lot of character in Elledue’s kitchen proposals, where careful design takes care of proportions, volumes and details, while maintaining high levels of functionality and aesthetics


Elledue interprets the bathroom area with a modern twist , which is expressed by furniture with an unusual design, made of premium materials and characterised by refined finishes.

Boiserie & Bookcases

Boiseries and fit-out elements represent more than just decoration: they can make a room unique just by adding an extra touch of elegance.


Besides their practical function, doors are true furnishing elements with a strong aesthetic value. Bespoke doors can make a difference.

Home Offices

Home office furniture that stands out for its unique design and casual elegance. A warm, welcoming feeling that makes the workspace comfortable and cosy.

Directional Offices

Exclusive spaces that stand out for their timeless design. Classic styling and perfect colour matches create a harmony that will fascinate and surprise over time.